Why Advertise in The Sun News?

The Sun News reaches shoppers every day, providing them with useful advertising information
when they're in the market for a broad range of products and services.

The Sun News also delivers the demographic cohorts that advertisers see as their strongest prospects.

The Sun News offers universal audience coverage and utility. That is why The Sun News adds value for advertisers.

• Consumers for many products and services are also the most frequent newspaper readers.
• Newspaper sections provide advertisers with unique targeting opportunities.
• The newspaper is the most used advertising source for coupons.
• Newspaper Web site users are prime prospects for advertisers.

Delivering the Best Prospects

Buying power generally rises among consumers with higher household incomes, higher levels of education, and more job responsibility.
The Sun News delivers these prospects to advertisers. As household income rises, so does newspaper readership.

Targeting Opportunities

The Sun News provides readers with a rich editorial environment and various sections suited to their individual interests.
Advertisers can place their messages where they will have the highest likelihood of being read and acted upon by their target audience.

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